Trout Not Just For Fishing

Baked trout fish with salt, and lemon. Grilled trout. Fish dish fried fish fillet with vegetables.

 It’s an excellent game fish and great to eat as well. The McMichaels Creek, which runs next to the deck of The WillowTree Inn, in Stroudsburg PA, is one of the best fisheries in the Poconos. You can find the following in McMichaels Creek; brown, rainbow, and native brook trout. McMichael Creek was added to Pennsylvania’s Keystone Select Program in 2018. 

The WillowTree Inn loves to serve up locally sourced trout on our menu. One way our chef loves to serve them.

Rainbow Trout – in with drawn butter. Baked skin-on and bone-in to preserve the flavor. Served with potato and vegetables.

DIY Guide to Fly Fishing McMichaels Creek in Northeast Pennsylvania

Pocono is a Native American name purported to mean “a stream between two mountains”.[3]

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