fresh vegetables

Eat Fresh and Save Money

Eat Fresh, Save Money

We encourage you to grow your greenery to save money while eating fresh. Hydroponics at home is quick, clean, and easy!
The Willowtree owner, Kat, uses the AEROgarden system as an example. When visiting, don’t hesitate to ask for any tips on how you can get started!
You can tell when you have a truly fresh salad or garnish!

freshly grown vegetables grown on premises.

Fresh Produce


We grow some of our own produce . . .

freshly grown vegetables grown on premises.

Freshly grown vegetables on premises. We grow baby romaine, cilantro, and dill. These get used in the salads and some other dishes such as soups and sides.

Thanks so much for your patronage over the years! As always, we hope this day finds you well.

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