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Sauteed Escargot

Sauteed snails, garlic beurre Blanc GF 9.95 

Steamed Vegetable Gyoza

Sauce ponzu, five to an order 11.95

Brie En Croute

French brie wrapped in layers of filo and butter, baked crisp, with fruit garnish 11.95

Cheddar Pork tortilla

Pulled pork in garlic and cumin on a tortilla chip with cheddar cheese sauce and spicy peppers, two to the order 7.95

Swedish Meatballs

            Nine meatballs in a creamy brown sauce 9.95

French Onion Soup Gratinee 7.95

Soup du jour: 5.95


Eggplant Parmigiana 

Fresh cherry tomatoes and mozzarella. Served with a side salad 15.95

Haddock Lemon Pepper

Broiled wild caught haddock with lemon pepper rub. Served with potato, vegetable, side salad vinaigrette, rolls and butter     

Chicken Suisse

Baked breast of chicken topped with tomato, bacon, and Swiss.  Finished in lemon butter.  Served with potato, vegetable, and salad 22.95


Entrees Include salad vinaigrette, rolls with butter


Chicken Francaise

Egg-battered breast of chicken, sauteed, finished with lemon butter sauce. 21.99

Shrimp Scampi

5 jumbo wild-caught Texas gulf shrimp Over Linguini 23.95

Half Pound Filet Mignon Wrapped in bacon

8 oz flamed broiled beef tenderloin GF 43.99

Roast Prime Rib

14 oz standing rib roast with Au Jus GF 32.99

Apple Pork cutlet

Breaded and fried pork with Apple Brown Sauce. Served with potato and vegetable 19.95

Sirloin aux Poivre

8oz top Sirloin with Cracked Black peppercorn brown Sauce GF 27.95

London Broil

Flame-broiled sliced picanha steak with sauteed cremini mushrooms GF 31.99

Rice and Beans Vegan

Black beans with garlic and cumin, over jasmine rice. With homemade tortilla chips GF 15.95

Stuffed Pepper Algiers

Green Pepper stuffed with Quinoa and couscous, soybean, with tomato sauce. 17.95

Crab Cakes

Twin hand-packed crab cakes with chipotle mayo. With potato and vegetable 28.99

Broiled Salmon

Fresh Wild-caught Atlantic Salmon; finished in Beurre Blanc 24.95


Cocktail Specials 

Maple Bourbon Fizz

Kentucky Bourbon, Spiced Maple Nectar, Lemon, Bitters, & Club 7


Traditional Swedish Autumn Warm Spiced Wine 7

Dessert Feature: Crème Caramel – baked egg custard with caramelized sugar sauce

***Eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry, and shellfish, can significantly increase the risk of foodborne illness***

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