Menus Overview

SalmonIn order to offer our customers the best and freshest food available, our menus change seasonally. Menus found on other sites may not reflect our current selections and prices.

Online Menus

Our lunch and dinner specials change often and always offer something unique and exciting to keep our customers coming back for more. We select the highest quality produce from local growers in season, within the continental United States off-season, or countries that grow responsibly. We try to buy only non-GMO ingredients and prepare all our dishes on premises. Our primary goal is to serve our customers food that is fresh, tasty and healthy.

We have provided you with various menus to peruse.  If you would like to offer your guests something different, please feel free.  Consider these menus to be springboards for ideas.

Many people have a favorite dish that Grandma used to make.  Just bring in the recipe or describe it amply and our chef can accommodate.

Also, we ask that you keep your menu offerings to no more than two items.  We will offer up to three at an additional charge of 10%.  Fewer menu selections are a more efficient way to feed you and your guests.

Please let us know if you or any of your guests have any dietary restrictions or vegetarian needs.  We always accommodate at no additional charge.  We just need to know how many for which to prepare.

It is important to let us know of any food allergies so we can inform the chef.